Our Approach

Our approach at Safe Harbor Assset Management Services is simple:

  • Personalized Service

We are a small firm with big hearts.  We go above and beyond to help each and every one of our clients succeed in their personal financial plan.

  • Holistic Planning

We look to encompass every aspect of our client's life when helping them formulate a plan for their finances.  We do not want to provide clients with only bits and pieces of their finances; we want to provide clients with a holistic view. 

  • Disciplined Investing

Safe Harbor-AMS focuses on 'Disciplined Investing in an Undisciplined World' to keep all of our clients on track with their plans.  Today's world can be a chaotic place where it is easy to act on impulses, but we will attempt to help keep you from making undisciplined choices.  Click here to view a power point presentation about Disciplined Investing. 

  • Rebalance & Monitor 

Safe Harbor-AMS monitors our clients' portfolios and periodically rebalances each back to the clients target portfolio in an attempt to optimize returns given their intended level of risk.  To keep costs low, we only rebalance when necessary.

The Chief Investment Officer at Yale University, David Swenson, performed an analysis and found that rebalanced portfolios earned an average of 0.4% more per year with less risk over 10 years than portfolios that were not rebalanced.

A client's asset allocation may need to be adjusted over time as their goals and risk tolerance change.  AMS recommends our clients review their entire portfolio every 3-5 years to determine if they need to update their allocation.  We also encourage clients to inform us of any current changes in their life, goals, or finances so we can keep their portfolio up-to-date with their needs.