Our Process

  • Getting Acquainted

    Planning Meeting

    We will take the time to get to know you. We want to learn about your lifestyle and goals so we can develop a plan that fulfills your financial goals and fits your lifestyle. We will also assess your risk tolerance through a risk questionnaire. We will discuss the fees, responsibilities, and duties we will fulfill for you as our client.

  • Plan Development

    Implementation Meeting

    We will present a plan to you that we believe best suits your needs. We will discuss the various options and how they can affect your plan. We will input your information and plans into our software programs, including Money Guide Pro, Wealth2K, and/or Wealthy and Wise. These programs will help us to decide which investments are best for you and the success rate for your plan. Once we have your plan the way we believe best suits you as well as the way you want it, we will begin to implement the plan. (Please see the Money Guide Pro section to the right for more information about this amazing program.)

  • Putting the Plan to Work

    Monitoring Meetings

    During the third meeting, we will review the final plan again to ensure we are both confident in our decisions. If necessary, we will make changes. We will then sign the necessary documents, and implement your plan.

  • Rebalance

    Monitoring Meetings

    Time to time we will have monitoring meetings to ensure your lifestyle still fits the plan we originally developed. If necessary, we will adjust your plan to fit any changes in your life. We will also rebalance your portfolio to keep your allocations aligned with your plan. You may schedule a monitoring meeting with us at any time, and we encourage you to do so especially when you encounter changes in your life, wants, needs, or goals. We are always here to help you succeed.