Holistic Retirement Planning

Safe Harbor Asset Management Services (Safe Harbor-AMS) provides full service retirement planning solutions, coordinating all facets of the financial planning process to include wealth management and legacy planning to families and business owners. We help individuals and business owners effectively manage their wealth, maintain their lifestyle during retirement, and leave a lasting legacy for their family and community.

We are an independent, fee-based financial advisory firm serving clients in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, and beyond.  We assist our clients through planning and disciplined investing as they seek to achieve their financial goals.  We will work with you to align your finances to serve your life goals, resulting in peace of mind for you and your family.  


  • We take a holistic approach to our planning process.  We consider all aspects of our clients lifestyle, wants, needs, and goals.  We even consider investments our clients have with other institutions.  The more holistic view we have, the better advice we can provide. 


  • Safe Harbor-AMS also uses multiple software programs as we attempt to ensure we are providing the best advice to our clients.  More information about some of the programs can be found under Strategic Alliances.


  • Safe Harbor-AMS attempts to provide more income for retirement than other retirees not utilizing our planning and expertise.



A recent study by Ernst & Young found that almost 3 out of 5 middle class retirees will outlive their financial assets if they attempt to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living.  For Americans without a guaranteed source of income beyond Social Security, the study concludes they will have to reduce their living standards by an even greater amount to minimize the probability of outliving their assets.

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